San Francisco Giants Baseball Tickets for Sale

Premium Field Club - Two VIP seats for Giants games at AT&T Park.

Premium Field Club section 115, row A just off the aisle at the umpires entrance.  Section 115 is directly behind Home Plate.  These are FIRST ROW seats of the Premium Field Club. (see map below)

These seats are a PREMIUM location. Watch the teams from the VERY best seats at the ballpark.
Premium Field Club section offers waiter service to seats and Field Club Lounge access.

"Hear the crack of the bat while you're sitting closer to home plate than the pitcher is!"

Make these tickets the ultimate gift. Entertain business clients or treat yourself to a lifetime of memories as a devoted fan.

Game Dates available shown below. Games are sold as a set of two seats:
Please inquire via email if you don't see the game date you want. 
   DATE     DAY    TIME    VISITING TEAM  PROMOTION/SPECIAL EVENT                                                                                                
 4/28/2018  Sat   6:05 PM   Dodgers      Brandon Crawford gnome       
 5/19/2018  Sat   1:05 PM   Rockies      Corduroy Cap 
 6/ 3/2018  Sun   1:05 PM   Phillies     Wille McCovery bobblehead,Until There's A Cure
 6/ 6/2018  Wed  12:45 PM   D-backs                                           
 6/22/2018  Fri   7:15 PM   Padres       fireworks night              
 6/23/2018  Sat   1:05 PM   Padres       Madison Bumgarner t-shirt, 2002 World Series Team Reunion
 6/28/2018  Thu  12:45 PM   Rockies                   
 7/ 6/2018  Fri   7:15 PM   Cardinals    Wine Fest
 7/ 8/2018  Sun   1:05 PM   Cardinals    Camo Cap, 2012 World Series Team Reunion
 7/ 9/2018  Mon   7:15 PM   Cubs                      
 7/11/2018  Wed  12:45 PM   Cubs                      
 7/13/2018  Fri   7:15 PM   Athletics                         
 7/15/2018  Sun   1:05 PM   Athletics    snowglobe, 1989 World Series Team Reunion
 7/29/2018  Sun   1:05 PM   Brewers      Hello Kitty Cap,Hello Kitty Day
 8/ 7/2018  Tue  12:45 PM   Astros             
 8/ 9/2018  Thu   7:15 PM   Pirates      Jerry Garcia tribute
 8/11/2018  Sat   6:05 PM   Pirates      Barry Bonds Cap and Tribute
 8/25/2018  Sat   1:05 PM   Rangers      Buster Hugs bobblehead, 2010 World Series Team Reunion
 8/26/2018  Sun   1:05 PM   Rangers      grocery tote bag, Dog Days of Summer
 8/31/2018  Fri   7:15 PM   Mets         Star Trek night
 9/ 1/2018  Sat   1:05 PM   Mets                      
 9/12/2018  Wed  12:45 PM   Braves                    
 9/15/2018  Sat   6:05 PM   Rockies      Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 voucher, 2014 World Series Team Reunion
 9/29/2018  Sat   1:05 PM   Dodgers      Fiesta Gigantes


Prices range $250 - $400 per ticket. No additional service fees are charged.
Contact at this email address for availability, price, and to purchase tickets:

Parking not included.
Prices quoted are firm. Discounts offered for multiple games.